"Somehow Paula Ray is able to get me from A to B without putting any of her own ideas or judgments into my goals and dreams. I remember at our first session Paula told me that she’d get “me” to where “I” wanted to go. As a highly creative individual, traditional approaches to coaching and adopting structures that I’ve tried in the past have left me bored and unmotivated. Paula has given me tools that work for “me“ and her insights leave me inspired to work past perceived limitations and into the exciting next chapter of my life."

– Lore Dach, Freelance Art Director, San Diego CA


"I was a mess after losing almost everything in the 2008 real estate crash. Paula's coaching helped me help myself to stop spiraling down and opened my eyes to the tools I needed to re-center and rebuild. Her coaching zeroed me in on the different pieces and people I needed to help me release the past and move forward into the future with lasting confidence and good health - mind, body, and soul.

– E.B., Oregon